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The Control-Option-Command-8 key stroke that once MacOS provided for this purpose seem to have stopped functioning since I have.
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The iPhoto example is an example of a control whose behavior is governed by a preference which is temporarily inverted by holding down the Option key. The preference in this case is which way to rotate the image: If the user changes the default rotation direction in the Preferences to clockwise, holding down Option will make the button rotate counterclockwise instead, and vice versa.

It is common for such controls — that is, those whose behavior is governed by a preference — to be invertible in this way. In text areas , the Option key can be used for quick keyboard navigation. In browsers such as Safari and SeaMonkey , the option key can be used to download a file. Pressing down the option key when hitting return in the address bar causes the URL-specified file to be downloaded. Also, pressing the option key when clicking a hyperlink causes the link target to be downloaded. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Classic Mac OS. History Architecture Components Server Software. Server 1. Keyboard keys. Scroll lock Num lock Caps lock F-Lock. Keyboard layout Keyboard shortcut. Retrieved from " https: Computer keys Macintosh platform. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Colour inversion is probably just a bit-flip of the colours. Someone knows utility that does same thing for Windows? Whats going on?! Hey my 3 year old lilly went to my computer and took of the bottons… I hate that after that my husband came and hit my doggie on her but.

On Now, it just turns black and white, and makes Firefox 2 completely unreadable even after I switch back. Drop Drawers usually ends up quitting shortly after, too. How weird is that? For the screen captures: Thought you might like to know that this is not just true in Safari but true of any open window. Windows 95 had the text clip thing. You could drag some text to the desktop and it would make a scrap. Then when you opened it it would fire up the relevant application and open the document you selected it from.

Cool things on Mac

Along with the OLE reference the selection itself was stored in the scrap and the scrap could be dragged into another document or application and the data from the scrap was loaded into the application. It was dropped in Windows 98 due to obvious security issues and microsoft received no feedback asking about it. The window-screen capture is amazing.

With this tool we just take the snapshot and voila!

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Hold command and move your two scrolling fingers on the tracking pad and it zooms in on the screen need to activate it in system prefs. No more eye-strain for little details on photoshop! Screen Capture Shift-Cmd-4 will give you crosshairs to select your capture area with, but if you hit the space bar, the crosshairs will become a camera that will capture the entire window.

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I find this screen capture stuff very helpful! Thanks for the inverted color tip! Talk about a sight for sore eyes! You can get the inverted colours by going to Universal Access in System Preferences.

Now if you do the shortcut trick again, it will bring it back to white on black, then once again to bring it to normal. Or, you can simply do it all from the UA prefs pane. Your choice. Hope that helps. Great site… loved learning about the shift slo-mo trick. Apparently this will also work on other graphical OS fx as well, like selecting your user name on the login screen.

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Hi, i didnt know about the minimizing slowly thing. I cant believe some of these people didnt know about the inverting colors! My whole skool knows how to do it. One thing i do hate about macs is the fact that when you press alt tab it will only cycle through the apps and not all of the windows.

Also if you are using a mac that is a work one or a school one and you cant get into system preferences there are two things u can do: This should get you into access some of sys preferences.

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If you want to measure something on screen under Mac OS,have a try. It will not let you down. Thank you for your nice post ,Now I like Mac much better. Because you made me get more about the function of mac. Because this beautiful system ,there are so many nice program ,just like the video converter for mac,imp4converter. Thanks again. If that is the case then I understand. The Mac seems to be for noobs. However, there is a hundred other things only a Windows-based computer can do.

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